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Commodore SX-64

What is the purpose of this site?

Some say (on Facebook) only 9000 Commodore SX 64 Executives have been built.
But if you look at the highest serial number of  GA1, GA2, GA4, GA5 & GA6 it looks like there must have been some 90.000 produced?
Or is there only one unique range of numbers and is only the serie (GAx) added? Then it would be just over 50000 units.

So years ago I started collecting photo's with the serial of the SX-64 being visible.
By visiting websites like Ebay, every week a few photos were added and I realised the collection was becoming big.
So I decided to share the collection on the web and I started getting lots of photos sent to me.

I am aware there are more lists of SX-64 serials on the internet.
But I think a photo is more reliable.

So by providing a photo of the serial of each SX-64 we will get a reliable database.

And mabye one day we can answer the question: how many were actually built.

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